Due to Covid-19 Restrictions, we kindly ask that all of our guests wear a mask.  Also, don’t forget your socks or indoor shoes!

15th & Central Experiences & Rates

Select a service below to see our rates:

VR Stations

$20 for half an hour, $32 for an hour (2 people can share a booth AND time with one-hour min purchase)

Each booked session includes:

  • Your own designated VR Stations.
  • Voice communication to talk to friends in multiplayer games.
  • Access to popular software titles covering a range of genres, challenges and experiences.
  • Equipment wipes for added safety and hygiene.
  • Equipment set up and training prior to your session.
  • An HTC Vive Pro Headset.

VR Arenas

Choose between 2 different arenas. Experience Virtual Reality in a space dedicated for you and 2 of your friends, playing untethered with wireless headsets. See each other in the VR environment and compete for top spot on our Leader Board!


1 game $10 per person
2 games $15 per person
3 games $20 per person

Book an arena and play with friends for an hour of unlimited play – $120

  • Each booked session includes:
  • Must book 3 player min. for The Last Squad and Snow Fortress.
  • Haptic feedback vest included for an even more immersive experience!
  • A Lost Room game can be booked with min. 2 people.
  • Single-player walk-ins can play if space is available but may not be able to choose the game depending on the next booking time etc.
  • Play untethered and walk around like a player in the game and interact with your friends!
Games are approximately 10 minutes each and include:
The Last Squad – an alien wave shooter!
Snow Fortress – have a snowball fight against evil snowmen and protect your fortress!
A Lost Room – a virtual reality escape room!

6D Cinema

Buckle up and hang on! Choose from over 140 rides/experiences!

$5 Per Person 


Ready Player One stuff right here in your own back yard!

Ages 12 and Up.

$15 for fifteen minutes – $20 for Half Hour – $32 for an Hour

Games available:

Arizona Sunshine – The Source of Evil – Doom VR – Pavlov VR – Borderlands 2 VR – Contractors – ZomDay – Bullet Sorrow – Super Hammer – Blood Strike – Revoke – No Man’s Sky – Skyrim – Fallout 4

Racing Simulators

Try your hand at racing in a pro car on a pro race track!  Play by yourself or with your friends!

$15/15 Minutes, $20/30 Minutes