Ebullition LBVR

Ebullition VR

Ebullition LBVR

Ebullition LBVR is a location-based multiplayer Virtual Reality game. The game starts with a “Biochemical Crisis”. In this episode, a virus breaks out from a research facility, which turns humans into zombies. The military dispatched a special team to get the situation under control. The team members need to clean up the neighborhood to get to the facility and regain control. Each game lasts 8-12 minutes and can be played by 1-4 players at the same time. During the game, players need to wear a backpack computer, VR headset, SciFi gun controller. Players play the game by pulling the handle trigger and aiming at the zombies in the shooting game. They need to cooperate with each other and Coordinate tactically to accomplish the mission.

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