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Exa Verxus

Exclusive for VR Arcade

To survive this tough condition, EXA Troopers are required to undergo the Battle Simulation Training to prepare themselves for the their mission. VERXUS is a team vs team competitive shooter. 5 strategic structures, 6 different weapons available for players to play around with team strategy and personal skill. Verxus is a VR game for your repeat customer and ready to run tournament at your location!

  • Type: PVP Shooter
  • No.of Player: 4-6
  • SynthesisVR Dedicated Game Server Module: Supported
  • Session Gratis Period: 5 minutes

VERXUS can be played with:

  • Two separated 16ft x 16ft (5m x 5m) Room-Scaled or
  • One 39ft x 23ft (12m x 7m) (in-game 33ft x 16ft = 10m x 5m) Arena-Scaled.
  • It can be wired / backpack / wireless.

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