Paranormal Pest Patrol


Paranormal Pest Patrol

Paranormal Pest Patrol is a hilarious family-friendly puzzle game built exclusively for free-roam VR venues, where you and your team play as a motley crew of Paranormal Exterminators.

Led by the brash Bill Bashley, your squad takes on an infestation of mischievous demons that have possessed a little old granny’s home.

Flying books, a talking fridge; players must use observation and wits to foil the paranormal pests hijinks and send them packing in this unique and hilarious escape room style game.

Paranormal Pest Patrol adds a comedic twist to escape room-like puzzles that will entertain families and friends of all ages.

  • Play with up to 8 players
  • Simple controls and free roam motion make the experience accessible for all audiences
  • Solve amusing puzzles to find hidden demons and dispatch them in a variety of fun ways
  • Explore multiple rich environments with hilarious self-proclaimed hero Bill Bashley as your guide
  • Multiple footprints (5x5m, 7x7m, 10x10m) and customizable play lengths
  • Final score feature to encourage game replay
  • Comedic tone makes it accessible for all ages and audiences

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