Lazer Tag (6-16 People)

Lazer Tag (6-16 People)

Distributed by LaZer Runner, you’ll experience light-weight, comfortable, glow in the dark battle vests with fibre optic, vibrating sensors to let you know when you’ve been hit.  The phasers emit a true laser with excellent accuracy, and an exciting “lock on” audible warning system.

Our system allows up to 16 players and will be Battle Royale style, meaning everyone fends for themselves!  Great for birthday parties, team building or just a fun time out!  Games are approximately 8 minutes long but please show up 10-15 minutes early for debriefing and vesting up.  Late starting games will be shortened so they don’t run into the next booking.

  1. $36.00 per player per hour
  2. Come 10 minutes early to get equipped.
  3. Sign our Waiver ahead of time!
  4. Games are 8 minutes long.
  5. Up to 16 players can play at anytime.
  6. Battle Royale Rules – Free for all!

Special Discounts

The following will receive 15% off:

*Discounts are not applicable to Corporate events or birthday parties